I'm thrilled to have had the following feedback

 “It was an absolute pleasure having you as the chair at last week’s Telegraph’s Digital Leaders conference. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that the feedback we received from all the attendees at the conference was extremely positive. We were trying to break the mould with this event and to address digital transformation from a business and commercial perspective. All the feedback suggests that we achieved our aim and delivered a high-level conference that demonstrated the commercial potential for all types of business through digital implementation.”  

- The Telegraph

 “Tiffany is an expert in her field; she threw herself into the project, working with incredible energy and enthusiasm” 

- Sarah Tate, Programme Lead for We Are Squared, Google  

“Tiffany is well-connected, well-respected and extremely insightful of the creative digital industry both in the UK and further afield. She provides valuable thought leadership, with energy and enthusiasm, to help ensure that everyone is well placed to take advantage of all that technology has to offer. It’s really clear that Tiffany not just understands the environment that she works in but, crucially, takes time really to understand the needs of the client or customer, ensuring that the subtle nuances of the event are brought to the fore to ensure a solution that is truly reflective of that which is being asked. On a personal level, she is the very essence of the potential that social networking has to offer any organisation: well-connected, enthusiastic, thoughtful and most importantly, a lot of fun to work with.” Dave Coplin, CEO at The Envisioners (formerly Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft) our text in this area 

- Dave Coplin, CEO at The Envisioners (formerly Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft) 

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